Stone Outcroppings

Outcroppings are natural shaped pieces of stone that are typically used for retaining walls or accent pieces for your landscaping.  All of our quarries of St. Croix Valley Limestone® and Iron Mountain Basalt produce high quality outcroppings that are available in a variety of sizes.  We use heavy equipment to pick the materials out of the quarries and do not source these products out of stone piles that have been heavily blasted to produce aggregate products. 

Most of our competitors purchase blasted stone because it is cheaper and usually readily available, but often this stone has the problem of falling apart over time.  By avoiding blasted stone, we are ensuring that our stone is not fractured from blasting, thereby resulting in higher quality products.  We sort the outcroppings to fall into defined thickness ranges so our customers have a quicker and easier experience putting their projects together. 

We produce thousands of tons of outcroppings each year and ship them throughout the country.  See our Quarries pages for more photos.